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First Physically Delivered Crypto Futures Exchange. 250X Leverage, Deliverable Perps, Repo, Flexible Margin, Spread Trading

Lending is the largest business in the world. Whether it’s commercial paper, mortgages, credit cards or US treasuries — the vast majority of the world’s money is invested in loans of various forms.

Market makers and proprietary traders (prop firms) are a huge segment of the borrowing market. Over the last few decades, algorithmic trading firms have taken over the majority of volume on all financial markets. Privately owned trading firms have taken over the role of Liquidity Provider that was formerly dominated by banks. The logic is simple: nimble, hungry and entrepreneurial traders at prop firms can iterate faster…

The FLEX Geyser distributes FLEX tokens from the FLEX fund to those who provide liquidity on The more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the FLEX pool you receive.

The FLEX pool in the Geyser unlocks gradually over time, and stakers receive a share of the unlocked FLEX over time.

User Flow

The basic staking flow is:
1. Deposit Note Tokens,noteUSD,flexUSD or 3poolinto
2. Receive LP Tokens
3. Stake those LP Tokens in the Geyser

That’s it! Once you’ve deposited staking tokens, you can check your current stake and reward amounts using the Geyser interface. You…

Follow the below 2 steps to migrate your LP tokens from V1 to V2 liquidity pool:

Step 1: Retrieve your LP tokens from the FARM page (Skip this step if you have not staked for farming before)

1. Go to CLAIM section of the FARM page. Click the Withdraw & Claim button

2. Approve this transaction


1. 购买noteUSD、flexUSD或Note 代币 (收益)

2. 提取到您的ERC20钱包

3.去到Note.finance网站给目标池增加流动性 (收益 x2)

4. 通过在挖矿页面中持有流动性提供者(LP)代币获得FLEX代币(收益x3)



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Notes.Finance建基于Curve Finance及Yearn Fiance生态系统下开发的智能合约。 它提供3种类型的流动池,这些流动池中的流动性提供者(LP)能获得高达500%APY的多重收益(如下所述)。

1)noteUSD + 3个流动池(USDC + USDT + DAI)
2)flexUSD + 3个流动池(USDC + USDT + DAI)
3)Note Token+ 3个流动池(USDC + USDT + DAI)


Follow the 4 simple steps below to maximize yield on your stablecoins!
1. Buy noteUSD, flexUSD or Note Tokens (Yield)
2. Withdraw to your own ERC20 wallet
3. Go to website and add liquidity to the target pool (Yield+Yield)
4. Stake the Liquidity Provider (LP) Token in the FARM page to farm FLEX (Yield+Yield+Yield)

Step 1: How to buy noteUSD, flexUSD and Note Tokens?

For flexUSD and noteUSD

February 18, 2021 (HK) — Electric Capital, Nascent Ventures, Bering Waters and several other private investors have invested $1.25m in FLEX Coin in anticipation of the launch of CoinFLEX’s DEX. This news comes after CoinFLEX’s repo market (the only tradable borrow/lend market) hit $2 billion in volume and paid out $200K in interest to flexUSD holders.

This private round comes after CoinFLEX raised 11M from Polychain Capital, Dragonfly, Divergence Digital Currency (DDC), Digital Currency Group, Mike Komaransky and Roger Ver.

Uncollateralized lending has always been a huge market in the traditional capital markets and is now becoming significant in…

After several months of hard work, we are now proudly announcing the official launch of Notes.Finance, a decentralized exchange for interest earning stablecoins.

Earn and farm now: Notes.Finance

Notes.Finance is built on top of the smart contract developed by the Curve Finance team under the Yearn Finance ecosystem. It offers 3 types of liquidity pools and the liquidity providers (LP) of any of these pools are able to earn multiple yields up to 500% APY altogether (explained below).

3 types of Liquidity Pools:
1) noteUSD + 3Pool (USDC+USDT+DAI)
2) flexUSD + 3Pool (USDC+USDT+DAI)
3) Note Tokens + 3Pool (USDC+USDT+DAI)

Here is a diagram explaining the logics and relationships between noteUSD, flexUSD, Note Tokens and FLEX Coin:

We are excited to announce that flexUSD is now integrated into, a project under @CurveFinance and @iearnfinance ecosystem.

EARN YIELD on top of your daily yield

With this integration everyone can now become a Liquidity Provider (LP) by depositing flexUSD into the flexUSD pool (flexUSD3CRV-f). The key benefit to the LPs is that they can now earn trading fees on top of their daily flexUSD yield that is paid on chain 3 times a day.

No flexUSD on hand at the moment?
Mint it now:

About is a project jointly built by Curve Finance, an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum designed for efficient stablecoin trading…

CoinFLEX 2.0: 250X Leverage, Repo, Physical Perps, Borrowing and Lending

CoinFLEX 2.0 is here and with it we bring 250X leveraged spread trading, the first ever Deliverable Perpetuals, the first centrally tradable Repo market and a wide range of new features which we have been working on for several months. We have created a platform for the Borrow/Lend market, the spot market and the derivatives markets to all come together and trade with each other directly. …

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